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Published on August 24, 2019

Bread Cheese Bites


Bread Cheese Bites Recipe is very easy to make , please find step by step procedure to make them , For more Snacks Recipes , follow our Recipe Factory  YouTube Channel



1. Bread Slices

2. Cheese

3. Corn Flour – 3-4 tablespoons

4. Bread Crumbs


Today let’s see how to make a tasty snack for kids – cheese bites, These can be made instantly and very easily at home

Take a bread slice and spread cheese on it

A cheese slice or grated cheese could be used here

Put another bread on top and cut the bread into bite sized pieces

Now, take a bowl with half cup water and mix cornflour in it

Mix it into a loose paste

Dip the prepared pieces in corn flour and roll them in bread crumbs

Don’t dip the pieces in the cornflour mixture for too long or else the bread will absorb the corn flour mixture

Prepare all the pieces in the same way

These pieces need to be shallow fried now

Heat 2 tablespoons oil in a wide pan

Place the prepared bread pieces in it

Fry the pieces on medium flame till they turn crispy

Flip after 2-3 minutes

Flip and fry till they turn brown and crispy on all sides

Serve hot!


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Cheese Bites
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