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Published on February 24, 2019

Curd Rice Recipe | Curd Rice With Milk

Do you like curd rice but often find that the it turns sour after a couple of hours? Try this Curd Rice made with milk. Just pack it in the morning for lunch and when its time to have lunch, freshly formed curd with rice will be ready! Don’t forget to browse other rice recipes on the website.


1. Cooked Rice
2. Milk
3. Cumin Seeds
4. Mustard Seeds
5. Green Chillies
6. Curry Leaves
7. Ginger
8. Pepper
9. Salt

Recipe Notes

For 1/4 kg rice, 1 litre milk would be sufficient.

Cook rice

Mix so no lumps are present.

Add salt


Rice has to be lukewarm.

Let’s prepare tempering first.

Heat 2 teaspoons oil in a pan.

Add 1 teaspoon mustard seeds, 1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds, 1/2 teaspoon pepper, 1 teaspoon chopped ginger, 3-4 chopped green chillies


Add 1/2 cup curry leaves


Fry for a couple of minutes

Cut off the stove.

To lukewarm rice, add this tempering


Add lukewarm milk

Mix so that the rice is completely immersed in milk.

For 1/4 kg rice, 1 litre milk has to be used.

Add 2 teaspoons curd


Close lid

Let it for 3-4 hours.

Add fried bengal gram

Fried dried chillies.

Garnish with pomegranate seeds.


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